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24. 2. 1947. –born in a village Murino, Montenegro. Primary and Secondary school finishes in Pec.

1966. – is a member of Artists' association Kosovo. Group exhibitions of ULUS and ULUPUDUS: Biennial of Youth, October’s salon, Exhibition of Yugoslavian’s portrait, drawings and small plastic, Biennial of Youth Rijeka…

1969. – the first solo exhibition, Pristina

from 1970. –works with Studio “A” as a coauthor on designing interior and exterior of objects in country and abroad (mosaics, painting composition for HE “Djerdap”, decoration for Kosovo bank …)

from 1972. –works in a workshop-studio of master Oto Logo and participate in realization of monument to fallen soldiers in Subotica, Bojnik and Ljig and monument to Tunisian president Habib Burgibi. He is an author of memorial busts: Spanish soldier Radosav Ljumovic, National heroe Vujadin Zogović, Dara Dragišić, Josip Broz Tito...

1977. – October's aword of the city of Belgrade

1977. – finishes academic studies on the Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade. Works as a professional sculptor in status of free artist.

1981. –is a member of ULUPUDUS.

1987. – monument for fallen soldiers in Kozara.

1989-1990 –lives in America, where he performs about 100 portraits  in bronze, as long as a portrait of a galerist Mrs. Sue Carey, who organizes exhibitions of his portraits in New York and Chicago.

1990. – performs monumental statue “ Knez Ivo od Semberije“, Popovi –Republika Srpska.

1993. –performs monumental sculpture “Stradanje srpskog naroda od 1941 – 1945 ”, Chicago – Libertville.

20th of December 1994. – The International commission of Art’s critics and historian included his name among the most distinguished names of world’s art in a catalog “WHO’S WHO in international art”, as a remarkable recognition for his entire work.

1998. – on a solution of Government of Republic Serbia, he was ellected for a member of Administrative Commette of Art's University in Belgrade.

11th of April 2009. – won a Reward for career achivement 

22th of April 2010. – won a Reward for distinguished artist

August 2013. - became a Member of SKANU (Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists)


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